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End of an era (almost)

It’s been a looong time since I blogged. This past month has been taken up with putting the work of four years together and making it into a thesis. Well, I submitted it last Thursday and I’m here to tell you it felt pretty good and that I hope to be posting far more regularly from now on…

As a reward, Roisin and I took a weekend off at my parents’ house by the sea in Sandgate. The weather was perfect and the annual Sea and Food Festival was taking place. On Saturday night we sat on the seafront and watched a beautiful firework display. Each shower of sparks was reflected on the choppy waves. I felt perfectly happy.

About squeezegutalley

I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick. I am interested in adaptation, seriality, jazz, crime fiction, comics and cult television.

7 responses to “End of an era (almost)

  1. Louise

    Congratulations, that must feel wonderful! I’ll look forward to the celebratory shenanigans. Hattie Jaques rocks. :-) xx

    • Thanks Louise! Of course, I’ve already started noticing mistakes in the submitted manuscript (of course!) but I’m still very proud of it. We’re going dancing on Saturday night if you fancy joining us?

      And yes, Hattie definitely rocks!

  2. Looks like a rather impressive cultural society there. Pleased you and your family enjoyed the Food and Sea and Sand festival. It was a delightful post on culture, literature from the Sandgate Soc.
    Much impressed H.G.Wells!!! Especially his original film of “Things to Come” with him writing the screenplay.

  3. Adam Taylor ⋅

    Congratulations Nic! That’s brilliant news.

  4. Ah Nic, when I see your posts and pictures about the Kent coast I get a little tremor of homesickness. And am always fascinated to find out those little details that I clearly miss every time I wander back there.

    Glad to hear the thesis is all done and dusted! You must be very relieved. Look forward to more regular updates from the “alley”

    • Cheers Alex! The Sandgate Festival is small, but fun. I’d hoped that finishing the thesis would give me a bit of breathing room, but now I’m catching up on all the stuff that had been laid to one side!

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