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The politics of Pertwee

This week, I’m presenting a paper at the Alien Nation conference at Northumbria University. I’ve been alternately excited and nervous about this, but now that I’ve got my paper written and my Powerpoint presentation sorted out, I’m really looking forward to it! (you can read about my paper here)

The programme of speakers is great, and I’m looking forward to meeting some academics face-to-face who I’ve previously only chatted to on Twitter! If you’re interested in science-fiction and telefantasy, Cathode Ray Tube is live blogging the event.

My friend Paul very kindly did some screen captures for me yesterday, and I’m so pleased with them I thought I would reproduce a few here. Think of it as a trailer for my paper!


The Curse of Peladon

The Green Death

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I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick. I am interested in adaptation, seriality, jazz, crime fiction, comics and cult television.

2 responses to “The politics of Pertwee

  1. Tom May

    I really enjoyed your paper at the Conference; you highlighted some really telling political moments in the Pertwee era. There is so much in that era that it must have been tough to confine your analysis to 15 minutes!

    “The Green Death” is particularly interesting for conveying different groups opposed to the mainstream: the counter-cultural, middle-class ecology of Prof. Jones and friends, and the Welsh mining community…

    • Yes, and I didn’t really manage to fit it into 15 minutes! I quite agree re: The Green Death. I think the focus on those marginal groups is really important in adding to our sense that the Doctor no longer ‘belongs’ on Earth. It’s typical of the way the show very subtly addresses its many audiences.

      Thank you so much for commenting Tom, and for the kind words.

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