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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows posters

Guy Ritchie’s sequel to Sherlock Holmes is due to be released this winter, and Omnimystery News have just put up some new posters:

The first of these seems to give us our first glimpse of Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty. I’m rather pleased they’ve gone for the bearded George Zucco look – if this film manages to conjure half the fun of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, they’ll be doing alright.

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I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick. I am interested in adaptation, seriality, jazz, crime fiction, comics and cult television.

2 responses to “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows posters

  1. Louise

    I really enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes film, I hope this one is as good.

    • Yeah, me too! The first was unpretentious, fun and surprisingly subtle in its references to Conan Doyle. I think the casting of Jared Harris is inspired and bodes well for the sequel.

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